Here Are The Highest Paid Actors In The World In 2022

For more than 40 years, Tom Cruise has dominated the Hollywood film industry. He became Hollywood's highest-earning actor thanks to Maverick.

1. Tom Cruise

According to a new Variety report, Tom Cruise made more than $100 million from his most recent movie.

Tom Cruise 

On the list of the top 5 highest-paid actors in the world, he is the lone celebrity from Bollywood.

2. Akshay Kumar

Although there are little additional facts about the impending series, it was discovered that Akshay Kumar will receive $48.5 million for The End.

Akshay Kumar

Will Smith is the third biggest earner. The actor signed on to star in the action thriller Emancipation for $35 million in June 2020.

3. Will Smith

Apple won a bidding war for the distribution rights to Antoine Fuqua's film, and principal photography began in New Orleans in the summer of 2021.

 Will Smith

The fourth high earner in the film category is Leonardo DiCaprio who earned $30 million for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Killers of The Flower Moon.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt is a Hollywood legend and one of the world's most gorgeous men! Pitt has collaborated with the industry's top filmmakers and A-list celebrities.

5. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is getting $ 30 million for an as-yet-untitled Formula 1 drama.

 Brad Pitt