Previous NFL Star Marshawn Lynch was Arrested Tuesday

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Las Vegas police reported they captured previous NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch.

Directed a vehicle stop for thought driver impedance. The assertion said officials decided Lynch was hindered and afterward captured the previous NFL star.

"The LVMPD led a vehicle stop at Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue (close to Wyoming and Las Vegas Blvd) on a driver

later recognized as Marshawn Lynch, for thought driver hindrance," an assertion from the police said

"Through the course of the examination, officials discovered that Lynch was weakened and directed a capture. Lynch was moved to the Las Vegas City Jail and reserved for driving impaired," the assertion proceeded.

Further details of the incident are not known at this point.

Lynch has had two previous run-ins with police regarding use of his vehicle while impaired.

Thankfully it doesn't seem like Lynch hurt either himself or anyone else during the alleged incident.

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