Millions of Americans will get 2 SSI checks up to $1652 in Sep, Why?

2 SSI Checks in Sep 2022 Supplemental Security Income recipients will be getting not one, but two payments in September 2022, totaling to $1,652.

Social Benefits 2022 Social Security benefits are payments made to qualified retired adults and people with disabilities, and to their spouses,children, and survivors.

Two Social Security Checks in Sep  The first payment of the Social Security will be made at the beginning of the month, on September 1, while the second will be made at the end of the month, on September 30.

Why Double SSI Checks?  September is one of only two months in which recipients receive two payments, the other being December, according to the Social Security Administration.

SSI Individual Checks  The two payments will be worth $841 each and will be delivered to eligible individual recipients.

SSI Couples Checks in Sep 2022 For eligible couples, each couple will receive $1,261.

SSI Checks Month Exceptions Most payments throughout the year are made once a month. The exceptions to this are in January, May and October.

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Inflation impact on SSI Checks Social Security payments will increase in 2023 due to rising inflation in the United States

Beneficiaries pay taxes on their benefits, which means the increased payments could put them in a higher tax bracket, earning less than before the increase.

Social Security Payment Program  Social Security payments are estimated to no longer be fully deliverable by 2035 at the current rate