Lady Gaga’s

Lady Gaga appears to be prepared to wed.

‘Gaga to Micahel: Where’s My Ring?’

Gaga sincerely desires a marriage. Her most recent performance at Alan Howard's Lake Como event reportedly ignited her.

"Gaga compared it to attending her ideal wedding, she said. Everything about the event was glitzy, from the black-tie attire to the Italian fare, according to a source. It was right up her alley, and now she is more excited about weddings than ever.

Fantasies of Lady Gaga

It would take too much time to go into the history of wedding clichés, but the way Life & Style depicts Lady Gaga's "dream wedding" shows how little it tells us about her. It talks about an opulent black-tie wedding with Italian cuisine.

Where Are The Other Weddings? “Wedding fever” stories are a dime a dozen, and proposal ultimatum stories aren’t far behind

As for Gaga, this very outlet claimed she was dumped by Bradley Cooper. While the two had undeniable chemistry