(…) (…) Eliza Miller of the Kiski Area has been named the Valley News Dispatch Girls Athlete of the Year. - Bloggers News

Eliza Miller of the Kiski Area has been named the Valley News Dispatch Girls Athlete of the Year.

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valley news dispatch
valley news dispatch

Eliza Miller, who is only a sophomore, has already achieved what most athletes only dream of.

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Valley News Dispatch: Kiski Area’s Eliza Miller finishes second in the girl’s 3,200-meter relay during the Wildcat Invitational Friday,

Eliza Miller, who is only a sophomore, has already achieved what most athletes only dream of.

During the three sports seasons this past school year, the star athlete from Kiski Area—who competed in cross country, track and field, and swimming—qualified for the PIAA championships.

valley news dispatch pa selected in trail

Miller has been selected as the valley news dispatch Girls Athlete of the Year for her accomplishments on the track, in the pool, and on the trail.

During the cross country season, her academic year got off to a great start.

valley news dispatch
valley news dispatch

Miller won her maiden race, which she completed in 19 minutes, 32.9 seconds, at the Crimson Hawk Invite. She then won the WPIAL Section 4-3A meet (18:57.4).

At the Westmoreland County Coaches Association championship, Miller ran the 5,000 meters in 18:08.3, setting a personal and meet record.

Even throughout the race, she claimed, “everyone around me was simply telling me to go for the record.” “Everybody was supporting me. As a sophomore, it’s just very cool to know that I’m where the fast runners are.

Miller qualified for states after placing sixth (19:32.5) in the WPIAL competition. She then improved her pace and speed from last season on the Hersheypark track, finishing 11th at the PIAA meet (18:57.1).

“There was greater competition in my sophomore year since I was more prepared and knew the material better. That undoubtedly was big assistance, Miller added. “My freshman year’s race wasn’t spectacular, but when I came back, my sophomore year, I had a respectable time that was faster. Being able to place my sophomore year is quite nice.

valley news dispatch pa

Miller finished third in the WPIAL Class 3A 100-yard breaststroke in the pool (1:04.39).

I knew our WPIAL swimmers were quite quick, but to place third was fantastic,” Miller said.

She qualified for the PIAA championships thanks to her performance, where she improved upon her time (1:04.05) and took fourth place in the state.

Miller had a successful season in the track and field as well. She placed fifth in the 800-meter race at the WPIAL (2:20.49) and eighth in the 1,600. (5:06.4). She ran a fast enough mile to earn a spot in the PIAA meet. for selecting in the valley news dispatch

Miller finished the 1,600 meters in 22nd place in Shippensburg (5:10.71).

She took time for a Q&A while she rests up in preparation for her hectic junior year: after being selected as the valley news dispatch

In cross country, who has pushed you the most so far?

My mom. She acts as a second coach for me and will do whatever to get me to the top where I need to be.

Throughout your first two years of high school, how important has your family been to you?

A tonne. I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for them.

How important is swimming to you?

It’s a tremendously crucial aspect of my life because I’ve been doing it for basically more than half of my life.

What swimming moment stands out in your memory?

I’d say states this year because I finished fourth despite starting last in a race. I was simply amazed.

What was required to place fourth?

Since I knew there were quicker ladies there who were seeded in front of me for prelims, I had no idea what to anticipate and was essentially just aiming to finish on the podium wherever I could. When it came to the finals, I tried to maintain my concentration while aiming for the top three, which I fell short of, but being fourth was still fairly awesome.

What swimming goals do you have for the coming year?

Since we have shifted to double-A, I will aim for the top three in my events at the WPIALs and, if I qualify, most likely the top three at the state level.

How much have you improved since your freshman year in cross country?

Undoubtedly, I now know a lot more about it. Knowing how much faster I’ve gotten has been a pleasure. I used to be very anxious for my races my freshman year, but I’ve outgrown it and now I’m less anxious.

What factors led to your victory at the Westmoreland County

meet the coaches?

Since I knew (GCC’s) Corinn Brewer would be there and she had defeated me the year before, I knew I had to finish it off quickly. I was aiming to strive for sub-18 because my coach said I was on sub-18 pace, but even coming close was impressive. It felt amazing to break the race record.

How do you avoid thinking too much when running?

My mother usually tries to calm me down before my races and other events, therefore I believe she played a significant role in helping me with the mental aspect. In the long run, it’s really just a mental game, so if you keep your cool, planning your races ahead of time isn’t a big concern.

What are your plans for the upcoming season?

My main objectives are to reach WPIALs or states. For sure, I would like to compete at the state level. It would be a major accomplishment for me if I could move up to the top five states.

valley news dispatch

What are your post-high school plans?

Probably something in the medical field.


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