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Driving licence sitting at home: Over 45,000 people in Delhi get Learner’s Licence with ‘Faceless Services’. How to apply

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How to apply Driving licence

Citizens in Delhi have been using a new service to obtain their learner’s permit without having to visit the RTO or any of its centers. The new service was launched by the Delhi government in August. The agency has issued over 45,000 learners Driving licences using this service.

Kailash Gahlot, the Delhi transport minister, announced the feat on Twitter. “Reviewed ‘Faceless services’ formally launched last month by Hon. CM @ArvindKejriwal,” he tweeted. I’m pleased to see Delhi’s reaction to this! Since February, we’ve passed 80% and 92 percent of all 4.2 million+ applications for vehicle and driving-related services, respectively, and 45000+ Delhiites have received their LL at home!”

The government claims to have received 57,755 online applications for learners’ licenses. A total of 45,495 of these have been approved.

In August, the ‘Faceless Services’ became live. The Delhi government offers 33 services that can be completed entirely online with this facility. This not only relieved the strain on the transportation department but also reduced the number of people queuing at the RTO.

Here’s how to apply for these services:

  • To access transport.delhi.gov.in, the user must first register an account.
  • Aadhaar will be used to verify the user’s identity.
  • They can then use the internet to apply for the required document.
  • The entire procedure, including the payment of costs, can be completed online.
  • When the paperwork is complete, it will be sent to the applicants via rapid post.
  • Additionally, customers will have the option of downloading it via a link provided to their registered mobile number through SMS.
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