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Aryan Khan’s case officer claims he was targeted because of his “dead mother’s religion.”

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Aryan Khan's case officer claims he was targeted because of his "dead mother's religion."
Aryan Khan's case officer claims he was targeted because of his "dead mother's religion."
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Nawab Malik’s tweet comes a day after Sameer Wankhede wrote to the Mumbai Police Department, requesting protection from legal action because he was afraid of “being framed” for “ulterior purposes.”

Sameer Wankhede, the Narcotics Control Bureau officer in charge of the investigation into Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s drug case, retaliated Monday against Nationalist Congress Party leader and Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik’s fraud claims.
“My personal documents being published is libelous and an unjustified breach of my family’s privacy. Mr.

Mr. Malik, who has been a vocal critic of the anti-drugs agency and its investigations into Aryan Khan, the Mumbai drugs-on-cruise case, and an “international drugs gang,” tweeted a photo of a birth certificate for Mr. Wankhede this morning, claiming, “the falsification began from here.”

Mr. Wankhede, according to NCB insiders, criticized the “shoddy” remark.

According to agency sources, he said: “I have learned of Nawab Malik’s recent tweet concerning his caste certificate. This is a clumsy attempt to include things that are irrelevant to the topic (the drugs case). My mother was a devout Muslim, so why is he bringing up my deceased mother in this?”

Wankhede stated in his statement that the minister’s actions had put his family under “tremendous mental and emotional hardship,” and that he had been “pained by the slanderous assaults.” “.

“Anyone can visit my hometown and confirm my descent from my great-grandfather to verify my caste and history. However, he should not propagate this trash in this manner. I’ll fight everything legally, and I don’t want to say too much about it outside of court “According to sources, the NCB officer stated.

The Mumbai special court hearing this matter has received an affidavit from Mr. Wankhede.

According to NCB insiders, Mr. Sail’s charges were made “to smear the (agency’s) reputation.”

Nonetheless, his affidavit will be investigated – by Deputy Director-General Gyaneshwar Singh, who will meet with his colleague tomorrow to discuss the subject.

Mr. Singh today declined to comment on whether Sameer Wankhede will be fired, saying, “It is premature to speak…”

Mr. Wankhede wrote to Mumbai Police seeking protection from legal action, fearing “being framed” falsely with “ulterior motivations.” Nawab Malik’s tweet comes a day after Mr. Wankhede wrote to Mumbai Police seeking protection from legal action. Mr. Wankhede claimed threats of incarceration and dismissal in his letter, which was interpreted as a response to Mr. Malik’s remark that he would lose his job shortly.

“They (the BJP) have a stooge in the form of Wankhede. He fabricates cases… Wankhede, I challenge you, you’ll lose your job in a year… We have proof of fabricated instances “The news agency ANI had quoted Mr. Malik.

Nawab Malik has claimed, among other things, that Sameer Wankhede was in the Maldives throughout the lockdown and that he was extorting Bollywood celebrities

Nawab Malik has also stated that the NCB case is “false” and that it was sparked by the center in order to smear Maharashtra’s government. He stated, “Attempts were made to accuse specific people…”

Meanwhile, a witness made shocking allegations against Mr. Wankhede on Sunday.

Prabhakar Sail, who claims to be the personal bodyguard of KP Gosavi, the supposed private investigator whose selfie with Aryan Khan after the young celebrity’s arrest went viral, stated on October 3 that he overheard him and one Sam D’Souza discussing an 18-crore transaction.

Mr. Sail claims that Gosavi, who the NCB stated was an “independent witness” but is now missing, said that a portion of the money should be paid to Sameer Wankhede.

Aryan Khan Drugs Case: Prabhakar Sail is one of nine witnesses named by the NCB (File)

Mr. Malik’s colleague, Sanjay Raut of the Shiv Sena, whose party is affiliated with the NCP, praised Mr. Sail’s bravery and asked the state government to protect him.

Mr. Raut further stated that he would now resume his assault on the NCB.

Aryan Khan has been in custody since October 8, and he has been denied bail in several lower court proceedings. He has now filed an application with the Bombay High Court, which will hear his case the following day.

There were no narcotics on him, and the case is completely based on evidence from his WhatsApp conversations, which the NCB alleges show he was in contact with an international drug cartel.

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